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=) [Jan. 5th, 2006|07:36 pm]
You came, but I could tell it was reluctantly.
You arrived and were kind.
You fell into comfort.
They reached out to you.
You reached out to them.
The chorus of laughter I love was joined by yours.
Your face became one with theirs.
Through the smoke I caught your eye.
You winked and grinned.
We were alone.
You kissed my forehead.
You promised...
Has it really been seven months and I did not truly believe it until this night?
I love you.
I will miss you.
I will see you soon.
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2006|01:55 pm]
The one I was searching for just happened to be right in front of me.
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the last weeks [Dec. 2nd, 2005|11:44 am]
As the time ticks away the assignment overwhelm. All I can think of is home. In two weeks I will be home.

I encountered so much in the week that made me evaluate my life. Is this what I want? Is there something else I want?

Am I happy working so hard toward a future I want so badly? Or is there another future I completely overlooked? Am I meant for the raves and the friends that have my back no matter what or a future of work and fight? A future of being the lone solider on my own terrain or one where he paitenly waits up for me to come home?

They miss me and I miss them. He kisses me and I kiss him.

Is it more important to be happy in career or in love?

Is it possible that this love of three years is really all I have ever needed? As I run around town, party with those I love, and then come "home" at 3am to him waiting and pass out by his side? Is my home the city of angels alone? Or is it the smiles, parties, and goodnight kisses in the mountains?

Two weeks until I am home again, or am I home? This is something I need to discover...
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mexico [Oct. 25th, 2005|01:32 pm]
Mexico. That's where I was this weekend. It was a crazy time and I'd tell you about it but what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. I can tell you that I saw someone running across the highway...one more illegal immigrant in the good ol' U. S. of A. Pretty much, Mexico kicked my ass, and gaveme a cold as a souvenier.

I want my cold to go away.

Mexico down. Vegoose next weekend. My birthday the weekend after that. It's going to be an intense few weeks. Then, I get to go home.
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Tuesday's Gone ... [Oct. 22nd, 2005|12:45 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Tuesday's Gone]

I am about to embark upon an adventure to Rosarito. I quit my job the other day. My money will quickly deplete due to Mexico this weekend and Vegoose next. But it will be worth it. A very wise girl once told me that experience is more important that money. Well, I'm gonna trust her, and I'm going to experience.

Lastely music has depressed me. We learned in RECA 398 they can use Pro-Tools to make it seem like people are singing when in reality they are speaking. What the hell happened to music? What happened to loving something because there was just so much talent that you had no choice but to fall head over heels?

I can't wait for Vegoose. It's been long enough since my last moments of music euphoria. I beleive the last time I was in pure euphoria was at Tom Petty. I hope Vegoose compares, the concerts in between weren't what I had hoped for. Morgan, my boss, made fun of me for my love of music and how lost I get in it. I made fun of him for being the head of music video's at Interscope and not getting lost in the music.

It's about that time...time to head out.

On a side note Michele is in CA and still hasn't called me or returned my calls. I think it's time for me to understand that just because someone was one of your best friends, doesn't mean that some boy will not take them away from you. I just want to get some coffee or something, but it's her life and I suppose myself and no one else that loves her is welcome in it anymore
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2005|09:41 am]
Everything is going terribly wrong...
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Los Angeles Is Burning [Sep. 29th, 2005|08:14 am]
I stood on the bluff and looked out over the lights that have became my home. Whether it is the home I want is still undecided. Nevertheless, as of right now, no matter how shitty or wonderful, it is my home. The lights were present as ever and the stars just as invisible. I gazed out into the distance with many toward the far away mountains. Los Angeles was burning.

The fire had started earlier than I had arrived and was already dieing down. Nevertheless, miles and miles away, there was no doubt that the sky was illuminated orange and the flames were consuming some poor town. The flames started to grow and I left. I was done with the destruction for the evening.

How did it start? I don't know. The dry air? The point is that the fires I used to watch on TV as a little kid were scary. I made my parents actually do the fire escape thing that they told us about in 1st grade. I knew how to escape from my home if there was a fire and how my family and I would be safe. I had it under control.

I left the bluff after only a few minutes. It was truly incredible to watch. I had no control over this fire. There was no window to jump out of. There was no fire men stopping this. This was epic. I flicked my still burning cigarette and gazed at the orange mountain once again. Then quickly stepped on my cigarette. I parted ways with the bluff and fire then.

Enough destruction for one night.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|12:46 am]
I didn't go to the Jerry tribute in San Fran last weekend.

I thought it would just be another show with bands I am seeing in a few weeks.

Yet, it wasn't just another show.

The Dead played.

Trey and Mike Gordon got on stage and played with them.

I think I just died a little.

In other news two semi-famous people came into work tonight.

The wrestler Goldberg, and some dude who is in Mr. Deeds, Dodgeball, and The Longest Yard.
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Today [Sep. 25th, 2005|09:15 pm]
Today was a good day, everything fell nicely into place for the first time in a long time.

I pretty much am guaranteed an internship at Interscope Records.

Which means my parents are buying me a car within the next few weeks.

Which means I have freedom and the ability to NOT walk to work anymore.

Which means I also don't have to walk other places or rely on other people for rides.

To place like concerts.

And festivals.

My friend wants to go to the Foo Fighters/Weezer/Hot Hot Heat concert on October 23.

And to Vegoose October 29 and 30.

Which means that if everything wonderful that came into existence actually happens we are looking at a very happy Elizabeth
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2005|02:12 pm]
alcohol and i broke up last night
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